Swimming pools. Bidets. Bread machines. The Nintendo Switch. Home office equipment. When Idaho went on lockdown in March, these were just some of the items Idahoans were buying to make their time at home a little more comfortable. 

Unfortunately, Idaho's experiencing a pretty serious second wave of COVID-19. We've had four straight days of more that 700 confirmed cases. With the potential for record low temperatures in the forecast this weekend, people are going to be spending more time indoors and in closer quarters. If watching our case numbers climb is making you want to stick a little closer to home, are you starting to pick-up some new items to make your space a little cozier during the cold fall and winter months?

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You're not alone! The New York Post recently took a deep dive into retail trends happening during America's second wave of COVID-19. People are snatching up outdoor fire pits, cozy sheets, multi-cookers, upgraded coffee machines and...pianos? Yes, pianos.

If there were ever a time to watch some YouTube videos and teach yourself a new instrument, now is it! I don't get to play my digital piano nearly as often as I'd like to but when I do it's almost always to unwind and escape for a little while. I started playing piano back in the first grade and those lessons are something I'll forever be grateful for my parents gifting me.

You'll love it if you take up the hobby! Or if you're a parent, who's child is learning on a keyboard and you want to surprise them with full size piano, we found some three cool opportunities to make it happen.

These pianos are currently up for grabs for FREE on Boise's Craiglist page!

Boise Piano


Meridian Piano


Nyssa Piano


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