On Sunday afternoon, I convinced hubby to take a little walk down to The Refuge in Southeast Boise for lunch. While he whined 90% of the way there, he did ask a really good question. "I wonder...when will all the e-scooters come back?

Each of the three e-scooter operators (Lime, Spin and Bird) are allowed to operate up to 250 scooters in Boise. They vanished from street corners and the Greenbelt shortly after the coronavirus pandemic reached Idaho. We popped open the apps to check the status of each operator in the Treasure Valley.

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When you open the Lime app, there's a note reading "we're temporarily pausing Lime service due to COVID-19" with a button that takes you to more details on their website. If you read through their blog post, they talk about steps their taking to keep communities safe in their open markets.

Is Boise one of them? The map showed scooters available throughout the downtown area, including one just a few steps from our office. I took a little stroll in the rain to see if the scooter was actually there and it was. Boise is one of Lime's open markets.

According to Lime's website, they are increasing the frequency in which they are disinfecting scooters using products recommended by the CDC and approved by the EPA as effective against coronavirus. They recommend users wipe down the commonly touched areas of the scooter before use, washing your hands before and after use and wearing gloves.


Spin's map also shows scooters in service in Boise along with a free ride offer for those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. The offer redirects you to a landing page offering free 30 minute rides to medical providers like doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, technicians, pharmacists and more.

To take advantage of the offer, you just need to fill our an Everyday Heroes program application through their website and attach a photo of your ID and proof of your status as a healthcare professional (like a facility identification card showing your full name.) Within 24-48 hours, you'll get a unique code allowing you to access your free rides through May 31.

As for coronavirus safety, they're also increasing their frequency in disinfecting scooters. They ask that you use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 perfect alcohol or wash your hands with soap before and after your ride. They also recommend wearing a cloth mask and maintain a distance of six feet from others if you're riding in a public situation.


The Bird scooters made their comeback today and can be seen on their app's map.

Like Spin, they're offering healthcare workers and emergency personnel free rides. To apply for their program click HERE and make sure you include a copy of your medical ID, name and phone number. That'll get you up to two free 30-minute rides a day.

Like their competitors, Bird is stepping up their amount of daily cleaning they do in the field. They'll also increase the number of deep cleans (which they nicknamed "Bird Baths," how cute is that?!) that they do at Treasure Valley service centers.

Riders are reminded to wash their hands before and after a ride to avoid touching their face after touching a shared surface.

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