St. Luke's FitOne is one of my favorite community events in the Treasure Valley and their fifth anniversary was a very special year!

If you're new to the Treasure Valley, you may not know that before the race was called FitOne and before it included a 10K and Half Marathon, it was known as the Women's Fitness Celebration.  It was one of the largest "women only" races in the country.  After 20 years, it re-branded as "FitOne" and for the first time ever, let men register for the race.  The mission? To get the ENTIRE family out moving for fun, while getting fit for life.

This year, I was lucky enough to have part of MY family join me on the course! About two years ago, my mom (who will admit that she hasn't had any type of fitness routine for almost 15 years) started walking in a local park with a few of her friends. Her goal? To start getting in shape and trying to get off her high blood pressure medication. She set a goal of walking a one mile race that year and crushed it! So why not graduate to a 5K? When I found out that she was coming to visit from the Ohio the weekend of FitOne, I knew I had to talk her into doing her first 5K with me.  She LOVED it and wants to try to convince the rest of my family to come to town at the same time so that all of us can do FitOne together!

The race also benefits the St. Luke's Children's Hospital, so there were a lot of very cool moments with their patients and staff on Saturday. You can see some of those in the photos gallery at the end of this post!

Next year, I hope that LITE-FM can build the largest team in the race and that some of you will be like my mom and make it your first 5K! If you're interested in training with me for the race (for the 5K, 10K or half marathon) click HERE to send me an e-mail so we can keep in touch.  I've completed over 100 5Ks, 20 10Ks and 13 half marathons, so I'd LOVE to set up an easy plan that can take you from the couch to finish line.  Running or walking is always more fun with friends, right?

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