They absolutely did not have to do this. This action speaks volumes of this Kuna restaurant's ownership after facing one of the toughest days in the establishment's history. 

Thanks to COVID-19, the Cinco De Mayo/Taco Tuesday hybrid that we'd been counting down to since January 1 quickly descended into Taco-pocalypse 2020. We experienced it first hand and actually had a good laugh about how difficult it was to get our hands on a platter of tacos for Cinco De Mayo.

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While we were out on the parade circuit, we had a side mission of ordering some sort of family taco pack to pick-up on the way home. We called one of our favorite local taco spots as soon as they opened to try to place an advanced order, but were greeted with a voicemail asking us to hang up and call back to place a to-go order. We did that and got the same message. After a few hours of failed attempts to reach a human, we left a voicemail expressing that we wanted to place an order but didn't hear back.

Hey, it's Cinco De Mayo and times are weird. No hard feelings. So we tried our luck at another favorite taco spot and got a voicemail instructing us to text in our order. We did that, but after not getting a response called back about an hour later we called again. That time we reached an overwhelmed employee who expressed how sorry they were that they weren't able to accept our order. They were flooded with orders and needed to shut their system down for the rest of the night.

Again, times are weird. No hard feelings. I laughed and said "well, there's always that Taco Bar to Go offer from Taco Bell." I ordered placed that order online while we were still in Nampa, stopped at the Broadway location near the station on the way home and had my taco bar supplies loaded into my car 24 minutes after getting into the drive thru. Things worked out just fine and we had a great laugh about it later.

For Mexican restaurants in the Treasure Valley? Taco-pocalypse was no laughing matter. Enrique's in Kuna was one of those restaurants extremely touched by the amount of people wanting to support them on the holiday, but overwhelmed by the amount of orders they received - 500 within the first 15 minutes. Their dedicated staff smiled through it all and tried to keep up. They had to pause orders. Some mistakes were made. At the end of the day, the management felt like they'd let their customers down and posted this message on their Facebook page, saying they'd refund every customer.

While Enrique's wasn't one of the restaurants that tried to order with on Tuesday, we think this letter speaks volumes of how much the management cares about their customers. So many of the folks that ordered there expressed their gratitude in the comments section and said there was no need for a refund. This gesture makes us want to order take-out from Enrique's soon and stop in for a sit-down visit once it's ok to do so again.

To all of the restaurant workers on the job and overwhelmed on Cinco De Mayo, know that your hard work didn't go unnoticed. We appreciate how hard you hustled to try and bring a little joy to a holiday spent at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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