The battle over whether or not the states or the federal government controls access to abortion continues. As we reported here, United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is suing Idaho, seeking to derail the state's trigger law from going into effect on August 25th.

Mr. Garland's decision did not go unchallenged. A reporter asked him why is the federal government trying to circumvent a Supreme Court decision. The attorney general was defensive in his answer. You can see their interaction here.

National pundits and legal experts continue to wonder why the Department of Justice would choose to sue Idaho. Our state is not the most high profile or has been at the forefront of legal action in this case. Other states like Mississippi and Texas have had their cases decided by the United States Supreme Court. Why Idaho?

David Ripley, the executive director of Idaho Chooses Life, shared his thoughts on why Mr. Garland chose Idaho. Mr. Ripley worked extensively with legislators, legal experts, and others to help craft Idaho's law. "President Biden was under enomous pressure from Kamala Harris, AOC, and other abortion activists to do something following the leak of Justice Alito's brief," he said.

Mr. Ripley believes Idaho's geography has more to do with DOJ's decision than Idaho's law. He says the administration was shopping for a judge and a federal district court that would favor their legal theory.

"Idaho falls under the 9th Circuit, and even though President Trump has done a lot to add Conservatives to that court, it still is the most liberal court in the country." He mentioned that Idaho's district Judge Lynn Winmill has never denied a request from Planned Parenthood.

Mr. Ripley continued that the Biden Administration will seek to 'federalize abortion' through the federal courts to circumvent the Supreme Court's decision. He believes the Idaho law will be held up once it goes through the federal court system.

You can hear our entire interview with Mr. Ripley by going to the Kevin Miller Show Podcast page.

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