Did you know the University of Idaho has been providing birth control items to its students? It appears that the practice of giving out contraceptives will be coming to an end at Idaho's premier university. The universities attorney has issued a recommendation that due to Idaho's new trigger law, the school will discontinue being a franchise of Planned Parenthood.

The attorney's recommendation advises employees not to discuss abortion with their students. The Washington Post reported that instructors could be prosecuted if they cross the abortion line. How did the Washington Post get exclusive information?  

University employees were also advised not to speak in support of abortion at work. If an employee appears to promote abortion, counsel in favor of abortion, or refer a student for an abortion procedure, they could face a felony conviction and be permanently barred from all future state employment, according to an email obtained by The Washington Post.


No stone was left unturned by the University of Idaho's legal department. The Washington Post explains that another email instructed staff that condoms could be given to students only under certain conditions. If a student does not want to get a sexually transmitted disease, they may receive a condom; however, if it's to prevent pregnancy, the answer is no.

The slant of the Washington Post article is to position Idaho's Trigger Law as repressive. The national media will continue to deny the people of Idaho their ability to save lives. By the way, did you know that the University of Idaho was giving birth control? Are other Idaho colleges and universities providing contraceptives? What does the pill or condoms have to do with higher education?

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