Our state was once America's best-kept secret regarding places to live. Idaho was far removed from the intense headlines of the nation's culture wars. We can all remember when the top story was when a city would be adding another traffic light. Today, the Gem State is known for overvalued real estate, fast growth, and the tipping point over the post-Roe v. Wade world.

The most recent Idaho incident that has garnered the nation's attention is the release of an email from the University of Idaho detailing how to handle Idaho's abortion law. You can read our story and the reaction from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre here.

Seattle Times Opinion Writer Danny Westneat gives his take on what's happening in the Gem State. He puts a creative spin on Idaho's Conservative principles from his progressive perspective. Here's a look at his creative lead from his latest column. 

"What century are we living in?

The news out of our neighbor Idaho has had me wondering this for some time, what with all the medical triagingbook banning and “Handmaid’s Tale”-style running for the borders of Washington and Oregon that has been going on over there lately.

But now Idaho has wormholed itself all the way back to the stagecoach era of the 1860s.

Those sure were the days — if you were a man, anyway."

Once again, Idaho is positioned as an extreme right-wing state restricting women's rights. Anyone who has visited our lived in our state knows that we are far from a right-wing state. The Idaho Republican Party is one of the most dominant political parties in the country. The party is so big that one could argue that there are three parties within its big tent. Idaho Conservatives argue that RINOs (republicans in name only) rule the state. Does that sound like a far-right state to you?

Other activists have taken to social media take shots at our state.

Hopefully some of these folks will actually do some research before they continue to flood social media with their uninformed thoughts.Then again, perhaps folks bashing Idaho is a good thing, we could all use less vehicles on our roads.

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