Dwayne couldn't make the Hideaway Bar and Grill in Meridian work, so he agreed to "pull back the doors, bust open the books, and make a call for help to Bar Rescue." That didn't work either, so he's selling it.

If you watched the latest episode of Bar Rescue on the Paramount Network, you know the issues with the Hideaway. They centered on the owner, who spent over a million dollars on his design that Jon Taffer called "the worst he'd ever seen," and what appeared to be a drinking problem. The staff didn't want to say what they said on camera in front of the owner, and the owner didn't want to admit that he had his own issues. That led Taffer to walk out on the episode and the Hideaway, something that he's only done twice in 240 Bar Rescue episodes.

It will be interesting to see what happens when someone else takes over the bar. Most of the time, when a Bar Rescue fails, it's because the owner doesn't take the advice given to them. In this case, no recommendation was ever given. There is no template Jon Taffer laid out for the Hideaway, but he could undoubtedly get behind a change in ownership.  

From the episode, we know that the Hideaway has problems with clean glasses. Could that be from a dirty ice machine? There were issues with the food. Could that be because the cook wasn't adequately trained? The questions for the new owner will be how to overcome the poor layout, reputation, and service issues that plagued the Hideaway at the time of filming.

The bar is currently under contract with a new owner. The asking price was $2,725,000 or $394 per square foot. We are all anxiously awaiting the changes that are sure to be coming to the Meridian bar, now famous for all the wrong reasons.

Here's what the new owner is getting:

Someone Bought The Meridian Bar That Bar Rescue Refused To Save

What You Didn't See on Idaho's Bar Rescue: Hideaway from Reality

I'm Nikki West and was one of Jon's recons on the episode. I wanted to share some behind the scenes information, what being on the show was like and parts of the experience you didn't see.

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