When there’s a big name in Boise, word spreads fast! Just before lunch, posts of Boise residents saying they bumped into the Father Stu star started flooding social media. Naturally, we wondered WHY the Hollywood star decided to stop in the Treasure Valley. 

From the posts we’ve seen, it looks like Marky Mark was spotted getting coffee at Form and Function, standing outside The Wylder, at the Downtown Winco and one of Boise’s upscale hotels. We started putting the pieces together and came up with three possible reasons for his visit to the Treasure Valley.


We tried to go back and find it, but we can’t remember which of our friends made a claim on Facebook that the Albertsons on Broadway carried the patties similar to the ones served at the Wahlburgers locations owned by Mark and his brothers,Donnie and Paul. We didn’t even know that was a thing, but after doing a little digging we found out that Wahlbergs do have a line of “Wahlburgers” at home products. When you put in a Boise zip code, it doesn’t show any stores within 25 miles as retailers of the patties BUT several area Walmarts are listed as distributors of Chef Paul’s “Wahl Sauce.”

Wahlburgers Coney Island Preview Party
Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

None of the celebrity sightings happened at Walmart, so it’s unlikely his visit had anything to do with promoting the sauce but given the places he DID visit…maybe, just maybe, he’ll think about approaching The Warehouse Food Hall about opening a location here. Again, we stress that this probably wasn’t the purpose of his visit but maybe seeing the new food hall first hand gave him something to talk about with his brothers. If they could open a location in a casino in the nowhere town in Ohio that this author grew up in, why not Boise? 

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Ironically, we had JUST seen permits for a new F45 in Downtown Boise a few hours before the Marky Mark sightings had started. Wahlberg’s been an F45 investor and brand ambassador for a couple of years, but got a BIG promotion in the company recently. He’s now the “Chief Brand Officer” for F45 gym locations across the country.

Mark Wahlberg Hosts The Opening Of F45 Training Miramar MCAs
Getty Images for F45 Training


Last week, F45 celebrated “Wahlberg Week,” where members and interested non-members had the opportunity to jump into one of the cardio, strength and hybrid classes designed by Wahlberg himself. In a press release promoting the special workouts, Wahlberg admitted to popping in to studios since the very beginning of his involvement in the company. 

Was he here to be part of the launch for the Downtown Boise location which is expected to open in June or early July? It's opening in the new The LOCAL apartment complex at 250 E Myrtle. While we can’t say yes with absolute certainty, he did catch up with new studio owner Danny Shank for a photo. 

Notice that address? It’s really close to Downtown Winco and the Form and Function coffee shop we was spotted at. 

Flecha Azul Tequila

But, if we had to put money on it…we’d guess this brand of tequila is what brought theTed actor to Boise. He became a principal investor in the brand in January 2022. The company was co-founded by Abraham Ancer, a PGA golfer and Aron Marquez, Wildcat Oil Tools. Both of them spent their childhood in Mexico.

YouTube/ Helpful Smiles TV (HSTV)
YouTube/Helpful Smiles TV (HSTV)


They offer five different types of tequila and if you were lucky enough to catch the Instagram story on the Broadway on the Rocks account (the bar inside the fancy Boise Albertsons) you’ll see him serving a drink made with it to a customer and posting for a photo with one of their bartenders who’s holding a bottle of the Tequila Reposado. 

Oh…and he also tagged the brand in the video of himself boarding a private plane that he posted on his own Instagram account on the day in question, so this seems like the most plausible reason for his visit! 

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