One of our favorite things that the United States Postal Service offers is their “Informed Delivery” service. We didn’t know it was a thing until we moved and had to change our address. It sends you regular emails with images of the mail coming to your mailbox. 

If you use it and you tend to avoid grabbing your mail until you see something important, the United States Postal Service NEEDS you to check your mailbox this week! Believe it or not, USPS actually has a dedicated “Mailbox Improvement Week” and it's happening now. According to their notice, part of Mailbox Improvement Week has to do with aesthetics. They say that “neat, attractive mailboxes make a significant contribution to the appearance of the countryside and streets in suburban areas.” 


But it also has to do with making sure that the mailbox you’re using is one approved by the Postmaster General, is in good working order and allows your carrier to deliver your mail safely. Rusty hinges can not only make the mailbox difficult to open, they can be a safety risk too. You don’t want that rust or a sharp edge to be the reason your carrier needs a tetanus shot. It’s also important, especially in rural areas, to make sure that there isn’t overgrown vegetation making it difficult for your carrier to get to your box.

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The USPS is requesting that you make sure that your mailbox meets these standards this week:

  • Approved by the Postmaster General (custom mailboxes MUST be approved by a local postmaster)
  • Fully operation
  • Designed to protect the mail from weather
  • Safe to use 
  • Conveniently located 
  • Neat in appearance
  • Large enough to support the normal amount of mail and packages you normally get a day
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So, take a few minutes when you get a break and go give your mailbox a once over. Your carrier will appreciate it and it’ll help them get you those important pieces of mail in a timely fashion.

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