If I had $1 for every time my mom's asked me what's going to happen to the 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I might be able to pay next month's rent. 

In her defense, this is the first year in decades that she won't have to work on Thanksgiving Day and is excited to watch it on NBC. For weeks, I've been telling her "I don't know!" Her response was "You work at the Christmas station. Santa ends the parade. How do you not know?"

Fair, Mom, fair. As Boise and the Treasure Valley's Official Christmas Music Station it's our responsibility to get to the bottom of this! Today, we finally have an answer.

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Right now, it's Macy's intention to continue with some version of the holiday spectacle that they've put on for over 90 years. Thanks to COVID-19, they'll have to scale back considerably but are working on a plan with the City of New York to create something that will be both safe for the community and a source of comfort for the country that's had so many of their traditions destroyed in 2020.

According to their website, they'll use some of the same ideas they used to reimagine their 4th of July Fireworks celebration. During the week leading up to the 4th of July, Macy's set off small five minute displays in each of New York's boroughs without telling people ahead of time. It was a way to discourage crowds from gathering.

Will parts of the day be virtual? Will there be pop-up performances in Queens, Brookyln, The Bronx and Stanten Island? Will a bigger spectacle happen in Manhattan? Only time will tell. Macy's says more details we be available later this fall, but rest assured you will turn on the TV to see some holiday joy on NBC this Thanksgiving!

As for Boise's holiday parades, things have been quiet. Both Boise and Meridian's holiday parade websites list their 2019 dates. There's a Facebook page suggesting that the Treasure Valley Night Lights Parade in Caldwell will happen on December 5, but it has not yet been added to the calendar on the Chamber of Commerce's website.

We'll keep you up to date as we find out more! Make sure you download our app for the latest Christmas season news!

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