You know about the Roloff family if you've watched any show on the TLC Network over the past twenty years. They are the subject of the groundbreaking reality show, "Little People, Big World." When the show launched in 2006, there was nothing like it. Never had a family like the Roloffs been featured on television, showing the struggles and triumphs that families with dwarfism deal with daily. Both parents and one of their children have dwarfism, while the other children do not.

The show chronicles the family and their life on and off their Oregon farm. After six seasons, the show was supposed to end, but the show remains on TLC to this day, even though the kids have grown up and moved away and the parents, Matt and Amy, have divorced. The twenty-third season of the show is currently airing and has shown Amy selling her portion of the farm, and now, Matt is looking to do the same.

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The New York Post reports that Amy's portion sold three years ago for $667,000. Matt's portion is now on the market for $4M. According to the listing, the buyer gets a 5 bedroom and 3600 square-foot office space in the barn, complete with meeting rooms, a production studio, and a guest suite. In addition, the property has a pool, castle, pirate ship, mine shaft, old western town, and seven bridges connecting the paths through the 16-acre outdoor play area.

Not every day a property made famous by a television show goes on the market, and it's even rarer for that property to be this close to Boise. It may be worth considering if you can work remotely, like outdoor living space, and have kids that would enjoy this type of land. You won't find anything like it on the market in the Treasure Valley, and $4M seems like a pretty good deal after considering what this type of property would go for in Idaho. There are plenty of additional income opportunities by making the pumpkin patch active for the public and charging to use the outdoor playground like the Old West Town, Castle, and Pirate Ship, similar to the indoor spaces at the Idaho Children's Museum in Meridian.

"Little People, Big World" Farm For Sale 7 Hours From Boise

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