"Out of adversity, creativity."

During this weird, weird time in our lives how many of you have started to develop some good habits? One of the things that I used to do periodically that I'm now doing religiously is filling out a gratitude journal every day. It's incredibly simple to do. To start one all you need is a notebook, writing utensil and less than five minutes a day. The idea is to take a few moments to write down at least three things that you found yourself grateful for throughout the day. That way when you're starting to feel a little overwhelmed and sad because of the things you're reading and seeing in the news, you have something to look back on to help you realize that not everything sucks. You're surrounded by good things every day and eventually we will come out of this on the other side.

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So yesterday, I wrote down "out of adversity, creativity" in mine. There are so many local businesses that are eager to find inventive ways to offer their services while they can't meet face to face. The virtual classes and lessons have been great for people who may have wanted to try something new, but were too embarrassed to try it in a public setting first. We're talking everything from Paint Nite to yoga classes to guitar lessons.

Maybe learning to line dance or country swing dance has been on your bucket list, but you've too nervous to attend an in person lesson at The Buffalo Club or Cowgirls. Now's the time to grab your partner (since you're cooped in the house anyway) and learn in your living room!

Our friend Troy and his team at Dirt Road Dancing are offering FREE dance lessons several times a week through Zoom. You can work on the moves now and show them off once we're all allowed to raise a cold one and dance together in public again!

"Live Stream Line" dance lessons happen Tuesday and Thursday. "Screen Swing" classes happen on Wednesday! Over 91 people from across the country signed up for this Boise based company's lessons to help relieve some of that cabin fever! If you want to give it a try, check out the events tab on their Facebook page to get the links to the Zoom videos!

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