First there was the Coronavirus, which was followed by the wave after wave of unemployment.  Could 2020 get any worse?  Well, believe it or not, so called 'Killer or 'Murder Hornets' have arrived in America. Our friends at ABC News and every other news outlet reports this is not your ordinary bee, wasp, or regular hornet.   What makes this hornet earn its description of a killer or murder?  Well, it's bigger than your average flying stinger.  The 'Killer Hornet is 2 inches long and is from Asia.  According to multiple reports, people are not the only targets of this big bug.  They target honey bees and have wiped out entire bee hives.  How long did it take for the 'Killer Hornets' to get the bees?  Hours says the New York Times...Still a non believer on the dangers of this big bug?  Check out this news report here.

The New York Times describes the 'Killer Hornet' as the Asian Giant.  Should we be worried about a horde of 'Killer Hornets' coming to Idaho?  Is it really a killer?  The flying menace was cited in Custer, Washington.  Reports from Japan say that 50 people have been killed annually by the Asian Giant. Still not convinced?  Check out the video below that shows what happens when you get bitten by the 'Killer Hornet.'

Let's hope the folks in Washington do there job and take down the 'Killer' Hornets before they come to the Gem State.


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