Life gets to be too much for a 4-year old sometimes, and they have the ability to just nod off anytime, anywhere, like right in the middle of a busy steakhouse on a Saturday night.  Where is the oddest place your kids have fallen asleep?

A Saturday night dinner party turned out to be too much for my Piper last night, and she found a not-so-cozy spot to lean her head up against the chair, at a table for a party of fifteen.  It takes forever to order and get the food when you're sitting at a table that big, and after she made it through the bread and appetizer round it was lights out.  After I shoveled in my over-priced chicken and broccoli, I picked her up and put her on my shoulder for the rest of the evening so she wouldn't hit the floor.

The steakhouse was loud and had good food smells, and those are two things that always keep Mama awake.  But kids are the best at blocking out surroundings and say "yes!!" to the overwhelming urge to sleep.

Where have your kids nodded off?