It's THAT hot this summer... Even bears are looking for a cool place to lay down and relax. Check out this video from Northern Idaho!

Greg Massey of Priest River, Idaho put a kiddie pool in his backyard and setup a camera thinking he might catch some wildlife drinking out of it; "I thought I would get a deer, elk, moose or something drinking out of it," he told KXLY-TV. Instead, he was surprised to find a whole bear laid down in the kiddie pool to cool off. Look, bears need to relax too!

By the way... In the video, it's 82 degrees in Priest River, Idaho. This bear would absolutely HATE the triple digit weather we're experiencing down here in the Treasure Valley. It's so hot, that it's breaking records, even low temperature records.

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Treasure Valley Weather HQ on Facebook reported that Boise's low yesterday morning was 80 degrees and that the last time we had a low that was that high, was back in 1982. We've had far too many consecutive days of 100+ degree weather here in the valley so it makes total sense that the rest of the state would be experiencing abnormally hot weather as well.

Good on this bear for taking some "me" time and cooling down in a kiddie pool for a few on a hot summer day. The video is short so we can't really tell but I hope he got a luxurious nap in as well. Look bear, before you know it, it'll be fall again and you'll be able to sniff out all the hooman's pumpkin spice lattes. Stick it out!

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