I recently did a trip to Yellowstone with my family and saw some amazing things but seeing a wolf bite a bear on the rear end was not one of them. The Yellowstone visitors who saw this moment is one that they will never forget. This video was just taken form a tourist over the weekend on Saturday.

The video is a little distant but still very visible and was taken by Gary Gaston in the northern portion of the park. The wolf goes after the bear multiple times and the bear surprisingly doesn't put up much of a fight. Rather the big bear just kind of sits down on his no doubt sore bottom. It seemed to work because the wolf eventually seems to decide it is not a good idea to take on the bear on his own. If a few wolfs had been around to help though, this may have ended differently for the bear.

There is a pretty big debate on wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. As their numbers increase they have been causing more and more issues with livestock and other animals. They are beautiful intelligent creatures, who are also clearly very brave and hungry.

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