Over the last several years, Boise, Idaho, has been used to being one of the top cities to live in or destinations for remote workers. That successful streak appears to be over as a recent Wallet hub survey found one Western City the second-best place for jobs in America. Boise has fallen to the seventeenth best place for jobs. 

Wallet Hub ranked Salt Lake City, Utah, as the top city for finding a job. The Utah city finished second overall due to a drop to twenty-three in social economics. The top city was Columbia, Maryland, followed by San Francisco, California, Portland, Maine, and Austin, Texas. The tech sector seemed to help the California Bay Area along with Austin.
The Idaho Press reports that income for Idaho workers has risen significantly. Wages rose between twenty-five and thirty-five percent. However, housing prices have increased by over one hundred fifty percent since 2015.  

Utah has not been immune to the housing market crisis, with the state's home prices rising similarly to Idaho's. The supply of workers entering the job market has helped workers make more money. Perhaps, Boise being ranked low will help direct more folks to other states. Our area continues to be challenged by the lack of adequate roads and bridges.

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