Nampa Family Holds Out Hope for Mysteriously Missing Cat

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 was the last time a Nampa family would see Mr. Sippy, their beloved black cat, in the Clear Springs subdivision.
The day's forecast was dreary but typical of Idaho winters. Temperatures dipped down in the low 40s and skies were gray and cloudy on the evening the family's pet went missing in South Nampa.
Panicked and grief-stricken, the Nampa family immediately began searching for Mr. Sippy. Their search kicked off at the intersection of Southside and Locust; the last place Mr. Sippy had been seen. But by day 20 of the cat's mysterious disappearance, the family had grown suspicious of foul play.

Was Mr. Sippy Lured & Catnapped?

On March 13, Anthony James, the cat's owner, took to Facebook to express his frustrations and suspicions about his missing pet of 10 years.
HELP!!! I’d like to know who the person is who lures cats, traps them, and then dumps these trapped cats to random places. This person, or these people, and myself, need to have a FACE to FACE talk.
Please reveal yourself! Anyone who knows who this person or persons are, please let me know, ASAP!! My cat has been missing since FEBRUARY 22, 2023. I’ve had my cat for TEN YEARS IN MAY! My cat has NEVER not come home in the evening.
- A. James
Photo Credit: A. James via 208 PAWS FMSP // Facebook
Photo Credit: A. James via 208 PAWS FMSP // Facebook

$1,000 Cash Reward

On May 7, Anthony and Tally James took to Facebook and the (NextDoor app) once more to solicit for tips and information on the whereabouts of Mr. Sippy ahead of the cat's 11th birthday on May 24. They asked neighbors to search under trees, in bushes, at parks, and near canals.

On September 9, the James family posted a thousand-dollar cash reward for the return of their fur baby in 208 PAWS: Found, Missing, & Stolen Pets.

Our sweet and loving Mr. Sippi is still MISSING. We are begging you to please ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers if they have or seen our Sippi. [...]
Please ask around. If it ends up our Sip is being housed, we will pay that person a $1,000.00 cash [reward] as well. Please also look on your property, nearby your property, and all the areas you frequent; even look for a deceased cat.

Mr. Sippy's Distinct Markings

Have you seen Mr. Sippy? He has a notched right ear, a small lump of fat on the back of his neck, and a longer-than-usual tail. If you or anyone you know has information that might lead to the recovery of Mr. Sippy, alive or deceased, contact the James family here.

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