Idaho takes drinking seriously. Soon we will get to just how much Idaho loves drinking, especially compared to our neighboring states. We have incredible breweries, unbelievable Idaho Vodkas and the gem state is home to over 70 wineries. Let's start with some nearby breweries around Boise and Meridian. Here is a good list for you ranked by google reviews:

Bear Island Brewing Co. at 1620 N Liberty St got 4.9 stars out of 137 reviews

Barbarian Brewing Downtown Tap Room at 1022 W Main St has a 4.8 stars rating with 253 reviews.

Clairvoyant Brewing Company at 2800 W Idaho St has 4.7 stars out of 227 reviews

Mad Swede Brewing Company at 2772 S Cole Rd #140 has 4.7 stars out of 219 reviews

Woodland Empire Brewery at 1114 W Front St has 4.7 stars out of 180 reviews.

Lost Grove Brewing at 1026 S La Pointe St with 4.7 stars out of 159 reviews.

Craft Brewers of Boise at 420 N Orchard St with 4.7 with 57 reviews.

White Dog Brewing Co. - Boise at 705 W Fulton St has 4.6 stars out of 262 reviews.

Now on to the Vodkas. It is no wonder we make so many great potato vodkas... hello, potatoes are kind of our thing.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

The gem state is home to fantastic distilleries, it is hard to beat our Vodkas.
44º North Potato Vodka
44º North Mountain Huckleberry Vodka (One of my personal favorites)
44º North Rainer Cherry Vodka
44º North Sunnyslope Nectarine Vodka
44º North Magic Valley Wheat Vodka
Blue Ice Potato Vodka
Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka
Blue Ice Huckleberry Vodka
Grand Teton Potato Vodka

Did you say wine time?

Photo by: Kelsey Knight on Unsplash
Photo by: Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

According to 27/4 Wall St and a recent listing of Strangest Little Facts About Each State, Idaho drinks more wine per capita than any other state in the country.

If that isn't enough, According to We have over 70 wineries in the gem state. In the state of Idaho there are about 160,000 cases of wine produced annually.

We like to drink here in the gem state, and while we apparently drink more wine per capita, we are not the 'drunkest' state according to a new study by BestLife.

Photo by || Unsplash
Photo by || Unsplash

They analyzed and studied tons of data and came up with a 'drunk scale' for each state. For reference our neighboring state came in 50th. According to this study, "Utah is the least drunk state in the United States with a drunk score of 0.08." So where did Idaho fall on the list. Down at number 13 with a drunk score of 48.45. Oregon sits next to Idaho in 12th place. Nevada comes in 8th. Wyoming likes to drink a bit more at #6 and our Montana neighbors almost topped the list in second place only being beat by North Dakota. For more information and details check out the full study at Best

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