I am more than ready for warm sunny summer to head on back. I miss paddle boarding and camping the most and am eager to experience some new places in Idaho for my summer adventures. As I started poking around to see what some of the best voted camping spots are I came across Islands that you can camp on in Idaho! Who knew? I can camp and paddleboard for days. Count me in.

Most of these are a bit of a drive away but to camp on an island, worth it. We will start with Coeur d’Alene.

There are a few Bureau of Land Management Islands along the western shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene. They are pretty secluded so getting to them may be tricky if you don't own a boat. It's going to be a LONG paddleboard journey for me. There are even 'floating outhouses' that is all you get for amenities though so be prepared to pack all of your trash to take with you. More than worth it for the waterfront views and distance from the hustle and bustle.

Also in Coeur d’Alene is Mica Bay Boater Park this is a little less secluded and in such has more amenities. At Windy Bay, you'll find 14 tent camping sites, 7 mooring docks, and more floating outhouses.

Kalispell Island is the largest island on Priest Lake and has over 50 beautiful campsites and impeccable 360 degree views. Another camping island on Priest Lake, near the south end is Bartoo Island. Day use areas and large camping areas are available.

Even though camping season seems far away, if you want some prime spots for many places, it is time to start making reservations now!

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