In a recent report highlighting the best and worst-run cities in America, there were some Idaho cities that stood out, some of which are among the best-run cities in America. The results of one city in particular will probably leave you shocked.

And when it comes to the worst-run cities in America, we recently covered the results here. There were no Idaho cities on that list, but multiple cities in California, Utah, and Wyoming.

The study was conducted by WalletHub and analyzed by Stacker, and it included some shocking information that definitely caught Idahoans off-guard — in a good way.

Nampa, Idaho

Stacker | Ninzie | Shutterstock
Stacker | Ninzie | Shutterstock

Nampa emerged as the #1 best-run city in America, according to their results. The study, which considered factors such as financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution, placed Nampa at the pinnacle of efficiency.

In addition to Nampa's success, Boise secured the 4th position on the list of the best-run cities in America. With a robust economy and a Quality of City Services rank at 34, Boise exemplifies effective governance and sound municipal management.

Read here for cities in Utah and California that are the worst-run cities in America.

Looking at neighboring states, Provo, Utah, secured the 5th position, underscoring its commitment to efficient governance. In Montana, both Missoula (10th) and Billings (24th) demonstrated their dedication to operational excellence.

Despite concerns that some residents might harbor about increased attention and potential migration, these rankings shed a positive light on the Treasure Valley region. They serve as a testament to the area's capability to provide a high quality of life for its residents, showcasing the region's appeal and well-managed communities.

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