As Boise and the Treasure Valley gear up for the weekend after a long snowy week, there's a delicious reason to celebrate—National Popcorn Day! Since today is January 19th, and also a Friday, it's a good idea to start your weekend strong with some movies and delicious popcorn.

So, we have 2 weekend plan recommendations for you...

1. For those looking to escape the daily grind and jump into the magic of the big screen, why not make it a movie night? Check out your local theaters; who knows, they might just have some sweet popcorn deals popping up for today — the combination of movie theaters and popcorn is unbeatable. So, depending on the company, there are some participating movie theaters throughout the country right now who might have some deals for you.

2. If a cozy night in is more your style, get your family and friends together for an at-home movie night! Just, don't forget the popcorn! Put on your favorite movies, grab some snacks, and enjoy some homemade popcorn. The only challenge? Resisting the urge to eat everything before the opening credits roll.

Pop Popcorn GIF By Regal Cinemas

So, Boise, grab your popcorn and get ready for an awesome weekend — there's no better way to kick it off. But stay safe on our snowy roads!

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