Idaho is one of America's most romanticized states. We may not have a tv show like Yellowstone promoting the Gem State, but Idaho is a great state. Thousands of folks from all over the world travel to the Gem State to get away from their congested city-dwelling lives.

In the winter, folks fly in to take advantage of Idaho's world-class ski resorts. Spring, summer, and fall, it's hiking, camping, boating, driving, and anything else you can imagine involving the outdoors.

Like the state's one-of-a-kind landmarks like Shoshone Falls and the great Snake River, Idaho has plenty of unique elements that others will only comprehend if they live here.

Gowen Field Boss Lift Broadcast / Brittiany G.
Gowen Field Boss Lift Broadcast / Brittiany G.

In the military, they call it host country sensitivities, in other words, habits and customs unique to a particular country that may not translate to another. The book The 'Ugly American' detailed our problems with understanding other cultures while urging American foreign policy to move away from ethnocentrism.

12 Unspoken Rules About Idaho That All The Local Know

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For example, if you're driving in Idaho and need to merge onto another lane, chances are a friendly Idahoan will let you merge into their lane. That doesn't happen east of the great river or in California.

Where it all began

Idahoans love to wave to one another while walking, or they're sure to stop when a pedestrian crosses in front of them at the supermarket. The rest of the outside of Idaho world may think of our state as the nation's home to potatoes and a blue football field; however, those who live here and love it understand that Idahoans have their own unique culture and language.

Words that Mean Different Things in Idaho

Idaho is different, in the best ways possible. Here are some words from movoto that have deep meaning here in Idaho but in other places mean something different and usually less exciting.

15 Things That Shock People Who Move To Idaho

Idaho, The Gem State, Home. Whatever you call it, there is no question that it is a very special state. Idahoans, especially natives know these things to their core and sometimes get annoyed when it has to be explained over and over to non-Idahoans. This list was inspired from

Amazing Idaho Gives Charities No One Knows But Need Your Help

Sponsored by Idaho Central Credit Union, Idaho Gives is a proud initiative launched by the Idaho Nonprofit Center.

The 16 Idaho nonprofits below need your help. No matter the size, every donation is a force multiplier for good in communities across the Gem State.


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