It's below twenty degrees in Nampa this morning. Winter has arrived as the days get shorter. We do our best to raise funds and awareness for the Boise Rescue Mission twice a year. Outside of the folks who work for the Mission, one person was responsible for the Boise Mission, continuing its purpose to serve the needy.

The man I'm referring to is KTVB Meteorologist Larry Gebert who we lost in Spring due to a heart attack. Everyone in Idaho has a Larry Gebert story, as he was a champion of every charitable and nonprofit in our area. If there were a Nobel Peace Prize for helping others, Larry would've won it every year. He was everywhere, sometimes by himself, setting up the equipment, coordinating with the studio, and interviewing several folks while accurately predicting the weather forecast.

Larry Gebert Remembered

A look at the life and career of KTVB's Larry Gebert

Larry Gebert was so prominent Idahoans turned on their morning televisions to see where Larry was; the weather was secondary. Over the years, he bravely would forecast the weather while being in a harness supported by Idaho mountain workers simulating a rescue underwater and wherever Idahoans needed him. We miss him to this day.

Every year I dress up as a turkey, hoping to motivate folks to give a turkey, don't be a turkey. Larry would show up every year, setting up his gear and generating excitement before most folks were awake. Larry never stopped working and, most importantly, loving his family. He loved camping with his wife Julie and the kids or taking one of his many cruises.

Whether the weather was cold or warm, Larry was there for all of us; he was our wingman. Everyone always knew that Larry would make a positive difference in their events. The last time I spoke to Larry was at the Boise Rescue Mission's Great Thanksgiving Banquet. Once again, Larry was working on focusing attention on others, not himself. We all miss him and pray for him and his family.

Over the years, thousands of folks would thank Larry for his behind-the-scenes passion for spotlighting our community. During the pandemic, Larry would virtually profile folks; in other words, even a hundred-year pandemic could not stop his work. As we get older, sometimes we don't do the little things that allow us to succeed. We take it easy; we enjoy life; Larry enjoyed life but never took the easy way out when helping others.

We are forever in your debt, Larry, and we miss you, love you, and God Bless You, old friend, especially on this cold November morning. You continue to warm our hearts.


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