We were all raised differently, and maybe some of us have foggy memories... but do you remember a time long ago when people kept who they voted for to themselves? We think it's safe to say things are different these days.

Would you want to know which political party your neighbor is affiliated with?

While for some people, it's a no-brainer: you want to know the values and beliefs of those sleeping next door. For others, it's not so simple; why is that?

One argument could be made that it can divide an entire neighborhood... or could it?

The Pros & Cons Of Learning Your Idaho Neighbor's Preferred Political Party

We found a tool that reveals how your neighbors vote. Here are the pros and cons to knowing that information...

Public records are nothing new but how often are we all really using them? These kinds of tools are insightful and sometimes we forget they're there.

We came across a site that allows you to search for political party affiliation by address. While some people don't care if someone knows who they voted for, others might not necessarily want their home address affiliated with who they voted for.

The site even lists multiple people at the residence and their political party if applicable.

Just because it's one of the most popular streets during the fall, we looked up N. Harrison Blvd. to test out the tool and it revealed that 271 people on the street are registered to vote. We won't share names or the list, but it revealed on that particular street there are 86 Republicans, 88 Democrats, and 97 others who don't have their affiliated party listed.

The site is called VoterRecords.com and you can access the address search tool here. Do you think this is a good idea?

Speaking of maps that reveal information about your neighbors, we can't forget about the map that reveals who owns what in Boise. Here's what people are saying about it.

SOUND OFF: Is This Map Of Boise Property Owners A Good Or Bad Thing?

Trying to figure out who owns that fancy building up the street? This map can show you...

Want to give it a shot? The name of the website is called BoiseParcels.com. What do you think about people having all-access to this kind of information?

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