If this were a face-to-face conversation, we would ask you regarding Idaho's February forecast: do you want the good news or the bad news first?

But, since we're not face-to-face, we'll go ahead and assume that you want the bad news first.

The bad news about more winter weather coming to Idaho

According to the almanac, February looks to bring more winter weather to the Treasure Valley. The first part of February (2/1 to 2/7) doesn't look too bad but the almanac does predict a chance of rain and snow showers with some sunshine.

In week two, however, things get a lot more interesting. The almanac predicts that we'll see plenty of rain and snow showers from Feb. 8 to Feb. 13 while Accuweather says temperatures will dip back down into the teens - 19 degrees on Feb. 15 to be "exact."

The almanac predicts that from Feb. 14 to Feb. 16, we'll get to enjoy another delightful "snowstorm."

By the end of the month, we'll be back to "mild" weather.

Now, for the good news...

As we know, almanacs can be speculative and according to Accuweather, it's not as bad as the almanac is predicting.

The "lowest high" temperature that we'll see in February according to Accuweather's 60-day forecast is 38 degrees with the "lowest low" being 19 degrees on Feb. 15.

Accuweather also doesn't appear to have any "snowstorms" as the almanac is predicting but there will be quite a bit of rain, especially at the beginning of the month.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like we're facing another Snowmageddon but as we all know, the weather in the Treasure Valley is about as unpredictable as it gets.

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