winter weather

Lessons Learned By ACHD
This winter, the Treasure Valley was hit hard with repeated snow events that required the plowing and removal services of ACHD.  What lessons have been learned from that?
Nampa Projects Winter Snow Removal Will Cost Close to $580,000
With a price tag hovering close to $580,000, that would freak just about anyone out. That is what the city of Nampa projects it will cost for winter clean up this season, but let's be honest this is a necessary evil. And with more storms heading our way, the money is being put to use.
Our Winter Wonderland
It was definitely not fun to drive in it this morning, but it looks incredibly beautiful across the Treasure Valley today.  This is the view in our Townsquare Media parking lot.
Need Some Snow Driving Tips?
You know the drill, everyone wants a snow day, until they have to drive in it.  Here's some Winter Driving tips if you're traveling across the state or down the block.