What do you love about Thanksgiving!?

Simple question I posted up on Facebook looking to engage my listeners following a question that I had posted on Monday (11/21) I asked our followers, what do you hate about Thanksgiving!?

I got some not-so-good feedback for asking what people hated about Thanksgiving expecting a flurry of comments when I asked what people loved about Thanksgiving.

I was expecting comments like, I love being able to donate my time at local food banks serving food, donating turkeys to non-profits who are collecting them, or even the opportunity to be able to sit down with family and reflect on what we are thankful for this year.

Want to know how much interaction I got?

2 comments, 2 freaking comments, and here are the two comments.

attachment-Screenshot 2022-11-23 095112
attachment-Screenshot 2022-11-23 095124

Both are great comments, but those who disliked the fact that I asked what people hated about Thanksgiving were nowhere to be found in the comment section of this one. If you're reading this and want to add to the comments, here's your chance!

Here is how things went when I asked " What do you hate about Thanksgiving?"

I got over 75 comments and 4 people even shared the Facebook post. I've come up with two conclusions.

  1. People would rather share their frustrations on Facebook.
  2. People don't really love Thanksgiving.

I would rather believe the conclusion that people would rather share their frustrations on Facebook. When I asked what peopled hated about Thanksgiving I knew it would draw start some kind of controversy, because we are all supposed to gather and reflect on our lives, appreciate what we have, who we are, and where we are right now in life.

But, these people had some funny comments in regard to what they hate about Thanksgiving!

Here's What People In Idaho Hate About Thanksgiving!

I asked our listeners on Facebook what they hate about Thanksgiving. Here are their answers.

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