Floating season is officially underway and while amazing, it can be one of the most hectic experiences.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Floating Season!

Floating season isn't for the weak - it takes endurance, willpower, and sharp awareness.

Of course, many of those things are compromised by alcohol and other (hopefully) fun distractions. If you're out there with the kids, your attention is also diverted for safety reasons.

Throw in a hot summer day in the triple digits and the heat can also create some issues.

Among those issues is keeping track of your precious belongings. More often than not, it's a phone that we're losing in the Boise River or a set of keys.

In some rare instances though, people lose more than that. Many of us have insurance plans of some sort on our phone plans and most of us know how to replace our keys... there are some things that simply cannot be replaced.

We asked people to share the most valuable things that they've lost in the Boise River and let us just say... some of these hurt.

One poor guy even lost an heirloom that can never be replaced.

What's the most valuable thing you've lost in the Boise River? Let us know here! Keep reading to see nine of the most valuable things people have lost while floating.

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The good news is that there are some good samaritans out there who are willing to go the extra step. The ones who want to reunite lost possessions with their rightful owners.

These people did just that in Boise's unofficial lost and found.

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