It's crazy to me just how much land and beauty is so close to us here in the Treasure Valley, but it's often overlooked. I think it's a combination of us not fully appreciating what's so close to us sometimes, but also having so much of it we don't even know where to look.

Of the many mountains, hills, rivers, valleys, and canyons in Idaho… I think there's one that really stands out from the others, and that’s Hells Canyon. Gee, I wonder… maybe it’s because of the name — it has a ring to it.

Aside from just the name, there are 3 really awesome facts about Hells Canyon that I want to share with you 👇

How Deep Is Hells Canyon?

Ech Naumovich via Unsplash
Ech Naumovich via Unsplash

Hells Canyon is nearly 8,000 feet deep. But get this… that is deeper (almost 2,000 feet deeper) than the Grand Canyon. I’ve lived in Idaho my entire life, and I had no idea. Did you know that? Or have I been living under a rock?

The Greatest Views / Lookouts

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And if this fact wasn’t already impressive enough, the canyon also has a lookout way up high that’s called Heaven’s Gate Lookout. From there, you can basically see all of Idaho and Montana … and probably whether or not the Earth is round. Kidding. I think it’s just Idaho and Montana.

The Snake River Runs Right Through It

Photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash
Photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash

Photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash

I’ll hit you with one more. The mountains there are 7,000+ feet above sea level, and the Snake River flows through the canyon for miles – averaging to be just over 100 feet deep the whole time.

That is incredible. I kinda can’t believe I’m just barely learning these things, but I feel blessed to be so close to such beautiful creations. God is great.

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