Boise, Idaho. Famous for potatoes, Boise State's blue turf, and that funny Jewel song. But monsters? Like, real monsters? This is news to us.

Idaho State University professor, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, is being featured this Friday (December 3rd) on The History Channel's The Proof Is Out There. He's working with a team of experts to examine footage from 1967 that he says will absolutely prove the presence of monsters, even possibly right here in our backyard.

The monster in question? Patty.

There are details that are very distinctive of the way in which this 'Patty' creature walks. One of the characteristics that seem to distinguish the Sasquatch foot from the human is the lack of an arch, a longitudinal arch, which is kind of a springboard creating a more stable platform in the human foot.

That's right. A professor at Idaho State University claims to have proof that Bigfoot exists.

We had to read it twice as well.

Dr. Meldrum's take is that the footage in question without a doubt proves that Bigfoot is real. Thanks to some modern wizardry being done to the old footage.

The enhanced or clarified imagery of the foot allows you to zoom in on that sole, that plantar surface of the foot, and differentiate individual toes, and toe stems and you can see the remarkable similarity between it and one of the casts.

The best part? The newly improved footage proves Bigfoot has a buttcrack. That's an actual thing Dr. Meldrum reported.

You heard it here first. Bigfoot is real, and has a donk.

Bigfoot Pictures

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