Planning a wedding is a lot of work. A lot of exhausting work. So much work that by the end of your big day, you may be thinking “I wish we would’ve just eloped.” You want everything to be perfect, so how would you feel if you found out the store you just bought your dress at filed for bankruptcy? 

Whether you bought your gown there or not, David’s Bridal by Boise Towne Square Mall is frequently among the first destination for brides-to-be. We didn’t fall in love with any of the wedding dresses there when we were planning our wedding, but it was the easiest place to pick out bridesmaid dresses with the women in the wedding party scattered throughout the country. 

David's Bridal Files For Bankruptcy
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The company has close to 300 stores in 49 states, so it’s easy to find the dress you love and tell your bridesmaids to visit the David’s Bridal closest to them to get fitted and order their dress. David’s does the rest. 

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It sounds great, but David’s Bridal just filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for the second time since 2018. The bridal giant is also looking for a buyer to purchase the entire business and help turn it around. In a release about the bankruptcy filing, the company’s CEO says they’ve struggled in a post-COVID environment and uncertain economic conditions. 

Does This Mean That David’s Bridal is Closing in Idaho?

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

Right now, the only David’s Bridal location in Idaho is the one in the SHops at Boise Towne Plaza. Based on the statement released by David’s Bridal on the day of the bankruptcy filing, it will be business as usual for now. It reads: 

David's Bridal stores remain open, and the Company intends to continue operating in the ordinary course, including by fulfilling all customer orders without disruption or delay.

They also say they’ll continue honoring gift cards, returns and exchanges at this time. 

If you dig into the weeds of the legal documents, you’ll see that they’ve asked the court permission to close some underperforming stores while the company is going through the bankruptcy process in court. The documents also state that if David’s Bridal cannot find a buyer, they will be forced to liquidate the inventory at all of their retail stores, which would include the location in Idaho. 

David’s Bridal did previously own a location in Idaho Falls. It’s unclear when they closed their location in Eastern Idaho, but we did notice that it vanished from the Google Street View images taken in September 2015 and April 2018. The first time the bridal chain filed for bankruptcy was in November 2018. 

As a bride, it's up to you how comfortable you feel moving forward with a purchase there based on the filing. David's survived bankruptcy before and it's possible they could again. While they haven't announced any store closures at this time, CBS News reports that they will lay off over 9,000 workers between now and August.

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