If there's one thing that we know for sure about Idaho--it's that we love our dogs. From dog parks to bars and breweries that welcome dogs--there's a place for dogs in the hearts of Idahoans.

Over the weekend, one Idaho dog captured the hearts of thousands for just his being himself. Could Jax be the happiest dog in Idaho?

Before we get to this internet celebrity, if you're looking for a doggo to bring home, don't forget that just last week, we shared with you a bunch of dog's that had been rescued from the South and were being brought up to Idaho in hopes of finding forever homes: 

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This one dog in particular, however, has the internet totally melting over. 

Meet Jax, a 3-year-old Long Coat Chihuahua that weighs 18 pounds. When the average person thinks of Chuhuahuas, they may think of the old school Taco Bell commercials or a little dog that just won't stop yapping.

Enter Jax, the "Idaho Internet Darling" from over the weekend.

According to the West Valley Humane Society, Jax arrived to the shelter because his owner could no longer provide for him--but he is learning quickly.

It is very obvious that with a smile like Jax's, he is going to make someone's home a much brighter place and he definitely knew what he was doing when it came time to get his "glamour shot" for the West Valley Humane Society's website!

West Valley says of Jax:

Jax will need an indoor home and a secure containment plan to stay safe from wandering. Daily exercise and mental enrichment will be important and Jax has shown friendly interest in other dogs at the shelter, but we do always recommend a staff-assisted meet and greet with your dog(s) to make sure everyone gets along. We do not know how he would do with cats.

Would you just look at this face!?

Credit: West Valley Humane Society
Credit: West Valley Humane Society

Interested in adopting Jax? Odds are, there's a line to go visit him...however at the time of publishing this, no info has been shared on his adoption.

Take a look at more dogs up for adoption at West Valley, HERE

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