It seems like this time of the year is the craziest and most busy all while we're trying to enjoy the season. And while Boise Police officers know everyone is busy and has lots on their to-do list they want to make sure everyone driving in Boise is always paying attention to the road. That's why they will be increasing patrols for distracted or aggressive driving around these next few weeks.

This also comes after we just had our first real snow fall of the season and there have been lots of crashes and people sliding all over the road due to excessive speed or being distracted. We first got word from KBOI, also telling us that officers will also be making sure that everyone is wearing their seat belts.

Remember the goal is never to see how many tickets they can write, it's about people being safe out on the roadways. The road conditions this time of year are very unpredictable so make sure you go at a safe speed and leave plenty of room for you to stop if the vehicle in front of you stops unexpectedly.

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