Proposition 1, which would've allowed historical horse racing in the Gem State was defeated by more than 43,000 votes this November.  Before they were considered illegal, the historical machines were a major part of Treasure Valley Racing's success at Les Bois Park.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Treasure Valley Racing had made the decision to pull out of Les Bois Park if Prop 1 didn't pass before the ballots were even counted.  On Tuesday, they stood by that decision and officially terminated their lease with Les Bois Park. The lease allowed them primary use of the racetrack, grandstands and Turf Club which has been dark (save the week of concerts during the Western Idaho Fair) since 2015.

The former horse park sits on some primary real estate in Garden City, so we're extremely interested in what will become of the property.  Don't expect hear any final decisions in the near future.  They'll come after a conversation between Expo Idaho's director and Ada County Commissioners.  With two commissioners' terms coming to an end within the next couple of weeks, they don't plan on making any major decisions until the new commissioners take their seats mid-January.

Until then, why don't we brainstorm what we'd like to see happen to that property? Personally, I'd love to see it turned into a new park along the Greenbelt.  As a runner, it's a little bit of a selfish wish.  Over the last few years, more and more road races have been moved to the Boise Greenbelt. Many of them share the same out-and-back courses beginning from Julia Davis or Ann Morrison Park.  They get boring.  They get monotonous and some are seeing a decline in participation for that reason. A new park would provide a potential start/finish staging area for a new race where 5K runners can see different parts of the Greenbelt. Right now, there's really not another big park between Esther Simplot Park and Reid Merrill Park in Eagle.

...or they could build a small amusement park, because I still have my heart set on the Treasure Valley having it's own roller coaster one day.

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