Overall, it's been a fairly mild summer so far. However, Saturday we're looking at temperatures reaching the triple digits. 

According to the Channel 7 First Alert Weather Center's 10-Day Forecast shows a high temperature of 100 degrees. When the air temperature outside is gets that high, it can raise the interior temperature of closed vehicles to a dangerous levels within minutes. According to data from VeterinaryClinic.com, when the outside temperature reaches 95, the interior temperature reaches 114 within 10 minutes and 129 within 30.

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Those temperatures are dangerous in general, but especially dangerous to dogs as they don't control their body temperature by sweating like we do. They do so primarily by panting and it's not enough to keep them from overheating and dehydrating quickly.

Many of you already know that, which is why you may be tempted to break a car window to help a furry friend you see in distress in a car at the mall, grocery store, etc. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect idea in the Gem State.

According to CBS2's sister station, KREM, it's illegal for a regular citizen like you or me to do that. So what can you do? If it's a retail location, start by asking the staff to make an announcement over the overhead speakers. If no one returns to the vehicle, you can reach out to non-emergency dispatch, one of our local shelters like the Idaho Humane Society or 911.

Idaho law allows law enforcement or animal control personnel to take possession of an abused pet and care for them. That means there's no penalty for them entering the vehicle. You can be a big help by sticking around with the animal and having water ready for the animal when the authorities arrive.

What happens to you if you decide to say "whatever, I'm breaking this window?" Penalties vary case by case, but you could face a fine or misdemeanor.

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