As is usual for the Treasure Valley, a little abnormal weather is all that it takes to get the city fired up-- online, in-person, and on the roads.

The first rainfall? Bring out the bad drivers. The first big wind storm? Here come the social media posts. Snow in May? Well--unleash the beast.

The need for "response" didn't stop there--trees were downed, some BIG ones especially in Boise's North End, and other damage was done as well.

    But just how common is snowfall in the Treasure Valley, THIS late into the year?



How Common is May Snowfall in Boise?

You asked. We found out. The National Weather Service has 123 years of data to trace the latest snowfall of .1" or more in Boise. May snow is NOT typical for our area, but there have been traces of snow as late as June in 2008, 1954, 1950 and 1914. Here's a look at the history of May snow in Boise.


Welcome to Idaho--y'all! 


So what were the sights and sounds online and around the Treasure Valley after this unexpected (and seemingly unwelcomed) snowfall? Here's what we saw right away:  






Sun & Snow: Spring In Boise Can Be A Crazy Ride

15 Wacky Winter Weather Facts To Help You Survive the Season in Boise

For many of us Snowmageddon 2016-2017 is a not so distant memory. Some people really miss seeing that much white stuff in Boise. Others dread the possibility of it happening again. How common is it? We dug into some historical weather data from the National Weather Service to see just how extreme it was compared to some of the other winter extremes Boise's experienced.



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