Have you received an email from Netflix recently saying that your account has been suspended because they are having trouble with your billing information?  Don’t respond, because you are probably being scammed.

It’s a typical phishing scam from on online criminal trying to steal your banking and personal information.

The email suggests that you may need to update your payment details. The email even includes a handy “Update” button.

But, Netflix didn't send the email and the claim that your account has been suspended is total B.S…it’s a lie. The email is a phishing scam designed to steal your personal and financial information.

If you click “Update”, you will be taken to a fraudulent website that contains a fake account verification form.  The form asks for your name and contact details, your credit card numbers, and other identifying personal information.  After you submit the bogus form, you may see a message claiming that you have successfully updated your details and lifted the account suspension and when you check you check your Netflix account it is indeed working. That’s because it was never suspended in the first place.

Be suspicious of any email or text that claims that you must follow a link to rectify a supposed problem with your Netflix account or any of your accounts for that matter.  Always login to your Netflix account from an official app or on your browser and never ever respond to directly to an email.

Here’s an example of an email that I received. Notice how they misspelled the word “contacte” That's usually a dead giveaway of something is suspicious. Sometimes the grammar is off. In this case the misspelled word is actually what tipped me off to this possibly being a fake email.


Mike Kasper, Mix 106
Mike Kasper, Mix 106





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