If you play Idaho Lottery games, you likely have strategies for what game, what numbers, even where to pick up your tickets.  You aren't crazy.  Some stores seem to have more luck. 

I was reading the Idaho Statesman and their coverage of a Boise woman who taken home a $103,000 jackpot in the Idaho Cash game.

Her name is Yvonne Gray, and she came forward this week to claim her prize.  Lottery officials often share more background on winners, including where they purchased their tickets.

In this case, the winning ticket was picked up at Albertsons at Ustick and Five Mile roads, and this particular store has earned the nickname the "luckiest" Albertsons in Idaho.  Gray's win makes the fourth that was six-figures or higher.

It makes sense, since the store is the number one location for draw game sales in the state.  The Statesman talked to Lottery spokesman David Workman who said, "With higher sales volume, they are more likely to have an increased number of winning tickets at all prize points."

It makes sense they would see more winners with more sales, but if you're a dedicated lottery player, anything that increases your "luck" can matter.  Maybe a trip to Albertsons at Ustick and Five Mile is in the plans before the next drawing?

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