If you are looking for a way to bond and communicate with your kids grab a box of crayons and a stack of coloring books and gather around the table.   Not only will you get some quality time with your kids, but they will take special pride in helping you make big decisions such as:  Should your panda be a traditional black and white bear or a free form multi - color rainbow bear?

Coloring is a great way to unwind and de-stress.  In fact adult coloring is really catching on as a way to meditate and increase creativity.  Intricate coloring books and crayon/marker sets are being marketed to adults with high end price tags of $100+ per set.   However, you might just surprise yourself with the relaxing benefits you can derive from just a two dollar set of crayons and an 89 cent coloring book.

Look for the new "Kevin & Brenda" coloring sheet coming soon to 107.9 Lite FM!

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