Why would we all be doomed 100 million years ago, you ask? I've got one word for you: dinosaurs.

When Jurassic Park first hit theaters in 1993, I was only six years old. Just like every other kid in America in 1993, I was all in on the dinosaur craze. I remember learning more about dinosaurs and when they existed in school. It was always so wild to me to think that huge reptilian beasts walked the very earth that we know and exist on.

Now, as kids, we don’t really have a grasp on how vast the world is and that our “favorite” dinosaurs may not have existed where we think they did… but at one point, did dinosaurs rule the state of Idaho?

We did some “digging” (see what we did there? #DrGrant) to find out which dinosaurs are believed to have walked Idaho and we were shocked to learn that the “King of Dinosaurs” may have been living in the Gem State.

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