What do you think the 10 Most Boring Cities in Idaho are?  I'm guessing you could get quite a few right, but would you be surprised the #1 is off of Eagle Road? 

Roadsnacks.net has assembled a list that includes Eagle as the #1 most boring city in Idaho.  Garden City also made the list, as did Star.

They say they used science to come up with this (you can read more about their methods HERE), but here's the list in it's entirety.

  1. Eagle
  2. Hayden
  3. Weiser
  4. Preston
  5. Middleton
  6. Star
  7. Lewiston
  8. Rathdrum
  9. Hailey
  10. Garden City

I think they got it wrong.  Even though I live in Meridian (and we fortunately didn't make the list) I consider Eagle to be a closely connected city and with some of the events I've attended, I just don't see Eagle as boring.  Same for Garden City for that matter.

So, do you agree?  If you think they got it wrong - even with scientific analysis - I want to know why.  Add your comments below and we can have a little counterpoint.