We know that Idaho loves the outdoors, college football, and it's independence. Still, we also love an excellent family-friendly Pixar movie. It doesn't matter how old you are or how young you are, Pixar's appeal is multi-generational. They cross so many genres, from the action of "Cars" to the emotional and heartfelt "Inside Out."

Each year, our friends at cabletv.com study the most popular Pixar movie in each state. They plug in all of Pixar's 22 movies into Google Trends to figure out what the most searched Pixar film was for all fifty states. The top overall searched Pixar movie was "Cars," which picked up 13 states. "Toy Story" came in second with 9 states, "Up" was third with 7, "A Bug's Life" carried 5 states, and "Finding Nemo" rounded out the top five by winning 4 states.

As an Idahoan, I know how we tend to go against the trend, which is no different when choosing our favorite Pixar movie. In fact, the most searched Pixar movie in Idaho didn't even make the National top 5!

So far, in 2020, the most searched Pixar film in Idaho is "The Incredibles." Maybe we just love superheroes, or we connect with the family values portrayed in the movie. Perhaps we relate to working full-time and balancing work and life while chasing around a toddler like Jack-Jack, who can seemingly get himself into all kinds of trouble with no fear of consequences. Whatever the reason, Pixar's 2004 movie is the one we search for the most.

Courtesy of CableTV.com
Courtesy of CableTV.com

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