There are so many things to love about Christmas. For some, Christmas is when families come together. For others, Christmas is about presents. The gifts that you give and the gifts that you receive. I know people who love the music of Christmas and can listen to Holiday music all year, yet some love the movies. Elf, Christmas Vacation, It's A Wonderful Life, and Bad Santa are some classics that are must-watch every year. And then there's the food.

There are so many foods associated with Christmas and the Holiday season. Some of my favorites are cheesecake, gingerbread, York peppermint patties, those frosted animal cookies with the sprinkles, and Yule log cakes. And then there are those holiday foods that no one likes. You know what I'm talking about here. It's fruitcake. No one likes fruitcake, yet there continues to be fruitcake. I subscribe to the belief that there really is only one fruitcake that keeps getting passed around from person to person. Maybe in a pandemic year, this can be a tradition that ends. That would be worth at least a portion of the suffering of this year.

Zippia did another Google Trends study to determine the most popular Christmas treat in each state. If fruitcake had been the favorite of Idaho, you would not be reading this because I would have packed my things and left. The favorite Idaho Christmas treat is much more traditional and iconic. The candy you think of most when it comes to Christmas, the Candy Cane is also the Gem State's favorite. You gotta love a classic, and we most definitely do.

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