This time, he walked more than two miles around the track at Centennial High School with a bat on his chin... See the video!

Idaho's David Rush has set over 200 Guinness World Records. At this point, his goal is to do one per week to promote STEM education through "my story and juggling", according to his official website. This time, he took to the track at Centennial High School on a warm summer day. He explained that he felt a little fatigued while he was out there and that he had to deal with the sun in his eyes. However, despite those variables, he was able to manage more than nine laps around the track, nearly two and a half miles in a little over forty minutes, which got him yet another Guinness World Record.

David Rush is now known for his ability to break insane records. In fact, he's actually broken records before, someone else has come and broken his records, and he has re-broken those records again. Pretty impressive, David! Some of the things he does seem a bit outlandish but the wonderful thing about it all is that he does it to promote Stem education, which is pretty cool!

You may wonder to yourself... Could I do that? Could I walk nine laps around a track with a bat on my chin if I really wanted to? Who knows, but I suppose you don't know if you don't try. What's something you COULD do that may possibly be Guinness worthy?

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