I went to bed sad last night knowing that Boise State no longer had a realistic shot at making March Madness. I woke up to an interesting email that said "YOU'VE BEEN SELECTED!"

Selected for what? Just another spam email?

How about being selected for college gameday? I've never been so virtually excited in my entire life!

You don't have to know me well to know that I am an absolute college basketball fanatic. Having gone to Gonzaga University, you can't NOT be a basketball fan when one of the most elite programs in the entire country is right there on campus. Fun fact, I remember taking tequila shots in the backyard of a trashy Spokane house with now NBA star Kelly Olynyk.

Now, you can catch me along with some other crazy fans dancing in front of screens to be a part of College Gameday and March Madness!

COVID-19 totally ruined any plans for March Madness to roll through Boise as we were anticipating originally. I've been to those first round games over at Boise State University and they're so fun. One great thing about the surge in virtual events is the creation of new participation opportunities. Being on a screen during College Gameday won't ever live up to being in the stands of a barn-burning college basketball game but you DO have a chance to partake if you're a fanatic like me.

You can only sign up once per email address and I'm not sure how participants are chosen, but you will need to sign up, HERE.

When you sign up, pick your favorite teams and I can only imagine choosing teams with a future in March will be advantageous.

Spend any time here in the Treasure Valley, especially during March, and you'll see just how intense watch parties at local bars and pubs can get--now, you can take that experience to a whole new level!

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