You know those t-shirts that say "Will Run for Wine?" Turns out one of the best races for wine lovers in the WORLD happens in Caldwell!

Runner's World Magazine just published an article titled "Bucket List: 10 Races For Wine Lovers." According to the magazine, most wine races have been inspired by France's Marathon du Medoc where runners can grab a taste of vino at almost every mile throughout the race. Most wine runs attract costumes, good times and of course an abundant number of free samples after the races.

Image via FInal Kick Events

About two weeks ago, I went on vacation to Napa Valley in California to run the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon.  You'd assume a destination race like that, which attracted runners from 49 states and 26 countries, would be on a list of the best wine runs in the world, right? As amazing as it was, it DIDN'T make Runner's World's list! The list includes wine runs from Florida, Oregon, Texas, New York and international races like British Columbia and France! Do you know which wine run was named the FOURTH best in the world?

The Idaho Wine Run! After a year at Julia Davis Park, the 5K/10K/Half Marathon is returning to its original home at Ste. Chapelle on Saturday, August 19th! Each participant has the option to add a sampling glass to their registration to enjoy samples from the dozen local wineries pouring on the lawn after the race! Have a significant other or spouse like mine who just doesn't run, but would love some wine? There's an option to purchase them a sampling at a discounted rate.

Image via Final Kick Events

Oh, and everyone gets a medal.  Whether you finish first or last, run 13.1 or 3.1, you get a custom wine bottle shaped medal just for making it over the finish line. I run a lot of races in the Treasure Valley, but this one (and it's sister race, Idaho Wine Run: Summer Nights) is my absolute favorite!

Double the Fun in 2017

Let's be honest, August is one of the busiest months of the entire summer! People are fitting in their last minute vacations, people are getting married, etc.  What if you can't make the 9, 9:45 or 10 a.m. start?  Don't worry, you've got a chance to run in the evening!  The race is adding a "Night Cap" where they'll offer a second run of the half marathon, 10K and 5K courses and a SECOND round of wine sampling!

Feeling hard core? Finish the morning run and the night cap and you'll receive a bonus third medal for completing both races.

Ready to enjoy some wine and the beautiful Sunnyslope wine area? Click HERE to learn more and register!