If you were flipping through the channels over the weekend, you may have stumbled upon the preview of the show's third season. Chris Pratt may have pulled you in, but you probably stuck around after hearing a certain Idaho city's name! 

FOX's LEGO Masters is one of those realty competition shows that the entire family can get in to watching together. That's primarily because quite a few generations of the family grew up with LEGOs. When the first plastic LEGO bricks were created in 1949, we doubt that the creators could visualize the epic creations that LEGO enthusiasts would one day create, let alone know there would be a whole show dedicated to these over the top builds!

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The show pits twelve teams of two against each other and challenges them to some BRICK-tacular challenges of epic proportions, eliminating one team each week until they award the LEGO Masters trophy and a $100,000 grand prize!

Season three of the show doesn't start until September 21 but with Jurassic World Dominion coming out in theaters on June 10, FOX decided to air a special Jurassic World themed preview episode featuring a guest appearance from Chris Pratt on June 5. The episode gives teams 12 hours to complete an epic action scene of dinosaurs exploring our world while working in an amazing special effect like fireballs, sparks, explosions or gunpowder trails.

During the episode, we're introduced to brother-sister duo Drew and Miranda Maynard from Pocatello, ID! In their introduction package Miranda describes Pocatello as "such a small town that our life would be so boring if we didn't have LEGOs." She goes on to say it's an honor to be chosen for the show and to win it all would be a dream come true.

YouTube/Hải Dưới
YouTube/Hải Dưới

Since this was just a preview episode, we didn't get to see what the Idahoans' final build looked like, but based off the YouTube channel that Drew shows his creations off on? We know it's probably going to be incredible! The YouTube channel is called "PERCIVAL BRICKS." He has an Instagram account with the same handle and has showed off some VERY cool creations that have been built in the Maynard home.

The Empire State Building

Battle at Oscorp

The Daily Bugle

Avengers Tower

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop vs the Track Suit Mafia in Rockefeller Center

Green Goblin's Attack on the Chrysler Building

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