The school year is just around the corner, and the West Ada School District wants its teachers and students to focus on learning, not distractions. The school board approved a measure to eliminate personal or political distractions in the classroom for the upcoming school year.

The policy directs teachers on what to present in West Ada classrooms, such as the American Flag, Idaho State Flag, or banners encouraging student participation. The Idaho Statesman first reported the story.


A quick look at Idaho's best public high schools.  Story continues after gallery.

Idaho's Best Public High Schools

Idaho's top twenty-five high schools ranked from 25-1.

Education continues to be the defining issue in Idaho. The governor continues to advocate for more money to fund educational programs in the state. Reclaim Idaho has successfully lobbied for a referendum on the November ballot that will raise taxes to fund more educational programs. Despite the efforts by educators, Idaho schools rank in the last third of the nation's schools.

We'll continue to update you as this story develops.

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